"I love it because it is convenient and affordable"

"It's like I can enjoy this awesome spa and tanning whenever I want to and I don't have to worry about how much it costs or anything - it just makes sense." - LISA

"There are so many options and it's so easy. It's just like a one stop shop for everything!"

"I love my membership at Planet Beach! I can come in whenever is convenient for my schedule and the staff is so helpful for whatever I need. I have a monthly membership and can do whatever bed I chose. It's a great value for the money I spend.. Thanks!!!"

"Tanning makes me feel good."

"I think having a membership definitely saves money in comparison to purchasing single sessions. The ability to freeze it also is a plus because it keeps you from wasting tanning & money when you don't have time or a need to come in!!!!!"

"I love my results!"

"I absolutely love Planet Beach. The staff is amazing. I have the spa package & love the spray tan. The price is very reasonable and affordable. I go to the beach every summer and I am able to put my membership on hold which is great. I can tan at any P.B. so when I go home to NY I can tan there as well. I've been a member for 5 years+ and will continue to come forever."